Wiederaenders: Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Fun in Prescott Valley

When we put together each week’s Prescott Valley Tribune, I get an overall feeling from it: joyful and hard at work.

Seriously, this is a town that gets after things, with a smile and ready for heavy lifting.

My evidence this week is the attached photograph, where “Dorothy” and her friends from the “Wizard of Oz” appeared at the Festival of Arts and Eggstravaganza this past Saturday. Pictured are, from left, Mayor Harvey Skoog, Councilman Michael Whiting, Teen Librarian Shelbie Marks, Vice Mayor Lora Lee Nye, Councilman Marty Grossman, and Councilwoman Jodi Rooney.

Just look at the image.

My first thoughts, no puns intended, are that takes a great love of home (Prescott Valley, of course), a lot of heart to dress up like that, a little magic (good and wicked!) to bring it together, and a lot of planning (thinking it through). The only character missing from the photo is the lion — which provides the amazing amount of courage to do this!

These are the people who make decisions in this town, provide direction for residents — especially the children, and supply the grease to get things done.

Maybe Skoog was the lion; on second thought, maybe he was the wizard.

Skoog has been almost ever-present for much of my more than two decades in the tri-city area and at the newspaper.

It is knowing that he is not running for re-election that signals change.

Did you know that he was mayor twice? Once from 1993 to 1998, then from 2004 to present. He came back because people said the town needed him, sources told us in 2003.

I believe it.

“I think I have been the luckiest mayor in the state — so many have a dysfunctional staff or a disjointed council, … I have neither, they’re the best,” he said this week.

As his greatest accomplishment, Skoog points to one thing. “In 2003 people asking me to run again,” he said, referring to the turmoil surrounding the town’s leadership at the time that led to a recall election. In a short time after, “getting the community relaxed and satisfied with steady work of the council, that’s my greatest accomplishment. … All of a sudden it quieted down.”

In fact, considering the amount of work they do, running for mayor or council takes a special person. Thinking of the fun they have, well, why not do it?!

The seats up for decision by voters this year are Mayor, and two on Council.

The packets are available at the Civic Center for those interested and the first election date is Aug. 28, 2018. Visit www.pvaz.net/384/Election-Information for information.

If you are thinking about getting involved, talk to some of the sitting members first. I would bet they have a lot of stories to share. Maybe with tongue firmly embedded in cheek.

And, watch for our election coverage as the season gets into full swing — about some people ready to do some hard work, and have some fun.

Published from Prescott Valley Tribune